Interviews for Painfree Brain Explosions

Rob Spillman and Lee Ranaldo, Boneshaker: A Bicycling Almanac, November 2016

Inside, Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo explains why the bike has always been his preferred method of travel. Tin House’Rob Spillman weighs in on broken bones and cycling fashion.

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Heartbreak with Humor: Margaret Malone on her New Story Collection, People Like You,” Propeller, February 2016

Crime Stories with People We Know and Recognize: Laura Lippman Talks about Baltimore, Tess Monaghan, and Points of View,” Propeller, June 2015

Art and Social Practice: An Interview with Wendy MacNaughton about Meanwhile in San Francisco,” Propeller, April 2014

Interview: “Long Black Road: Lee Ranaldo Talks Tennis, Travel, and Last Night on Earth,” Propeller, January 2014

Cartoonist Chris Ware on Outsider Art, Reading Aloud and the Common Core,” Salon, March 2014

 At a recent conference with my daughter’s teacher, I expressed my frustration with the increasing lack of time for her to draw in school, and her teacher said that the new Common Core standards not only didn’t include it, they didn’t allow for any extra time for what are considered “non-literate” endeavors. Of course, this attitude is asinine; one only needs to see the drawings that Nabokov did for himself to understand Tolstoy and even his own books.

Building Stories by Chris Ware

“True Confessions: Beth Lisick on Storytelling and Yokohama Threeway and Other Small Shames (Part 1 and Part 2),” Propeller, November 2013

DIY in Your Pocket: Steve Almond on Self-Published Humor, Hate, Advice & Sex, Propeller, November 2013

DJ Earworm: Mashup Pop’s Top Chef, Mix Online, September 1, 2013


A Red Man and White Lashes: The World of Christine Shields, Propeller, winter 2012

Untitled by Christine Shields

Daniel Clowes: The Death-Ray Retribution, Propeller, fall 2011

At a certain point, I realized that virtually everyone who’s ever done anything bad to me wound up having a miserable, unfulfilling life. It almost feels like I made some kind of pact with the devil and then had it erased it from my memory. I can think of nothing I’d want to do less than ever see any of them again.

Amy Cutler and Aimee Bender Talk Tiger Fur, Propeller, winter 2011

Tiger Mending by Amy Cutler

PROPELLER: Aimee, how do you encourage your students to trust their improvised “mistakes”?

BENDER: Yes! Anne Sexton used to talk about using typos in her poems; I think it is so freeing to realize that we just don’t always pick the best word with our carefully thought-out planning.

Hope You Die the Best: Interview with Tom Bissell, author of Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter, Evil Monito, May 12, 2010

by Trisha Miller

Some games are violent in a way that makes me sick. Some games are violent in a way I find very interesting and thought-provoking.

The Rumpus Interview with Phil MilsteinThe Rumpus, August 9, 2012

An aura of mystery is what’s drawn me in to every one of my major research projects, from Velvet Underground to song-poems to anti-masturbation literature to the Dion McGregor dream-tapes.

Mini-Interview Project #41: In Conversation with Margaret Murray, The Rumpus, May 30, 2011



Mini-Interview Project #35: In Conversation with Terri ManningThe Rumpus, December 16, 2010



Mini-Interview Project #32: In Conversation with “Eric Larson,” The Rumpus, October 7, 2010


Mini-Interview Project #28: In Conversation with “The Fugitive,” The Rumpus, September 7, 2010


Alex: So you’re not doing it for crowd approval?

Dave: They’ll turn on me in a heartbeat.

Mini-Interview Project #27: In Conversation with Lucinda X


The Rumpus, August 9, 2010

This is Your Brain on Omar: Interview with Mark Gergis, Evil Monito, May 2010

Omar Souleyman by Mark Gergis

Jack Stevenson: A Dirty Old Man in Action (with Margaret Murray) — images NSFW, The Rumpus, September 16, 2010; originally published in Bananafish, 1993


I thought, ‘What would happen if there was an earthquake? What if a beam fell down and killed me in this heap of porno films? What a way to go!’ and I thought, ‘I’d be proud to die like that.’